Craig Messina

Zombiefied Craig


Tuesday-Saturday: 12-8 pm

I was born in Long Island and followed in the family business of painting buildings often practicing my grafitti writing on the buildings before finally painting them.  I started creating artwork of all aspects at an early age and have developed my own style and signature.  Many people in my family are involved in the pursuit of art so naturally being surrounded I was drawn into it.

My brother was drawing his own images and getting them tattooed.  I was inspired by that.  I began getting tattoos of my own and fell in love with the art form.  I started with an apprenticeship which lasted a year.  I changed shops and started tattooing full time where I worked for the next 7 years building up a following of loyal clients and meeting many good friends and influential artists.  I feel I have found a new home in Red Rocket Tattoo.

I enjoy doing old school type tattoos with my own modern twist.  I like to push design and play with bright colors.  Zam is my favorite artist to look at and learned a ton from he and Joey Nobody as they tattooed me.  The direct contact with each artist as they worked was a huge influence and great experience.  I would like to mention my good friend Albert who was an amazing help to me and my tattoo education.