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****Myra is temporarily back in Berlin- and will not be available until September. Any appointment inquires please email her directly*****

Born & raised in Germany, Myra grew up with an interest in drawing & painting. Around 10 years ago, she moved to Berlin to study visual communication at university before falling into tattooing by accident.

In 2008, a friend at art school gave her a tattoo machine, where she first tattooed herself. Over the next four years of working & growing, she developed her own illustration and tattoo style, which combines details found in 1920s Art Nouveau paintings with new school themes. In 2012, she opened her own tattoo shop- but after a few years decided that she preferred to spend her time traveling around and tattooing at shops all over the world. Since then, she’s spent time creating tattoos in Amsterdam, London, Copenhagen, Paris, Zurich, Munich, Los Angeles & New York.

Myra has made many impressive accomplishments creatively over the past couple years- In 2015, Myra had her first solo art exhibition in Berlin, and in 2016; a pop-up at the BRIGHT Tradeshow for Berlin Fashion Week. Also in 2016, she released her first book, containing tattoos and illustrations from 2011-2015. Her artwork was used for the design for Diesel’s “Loverdose Tattoo” fragrances. She has been featured in various publications, including Total Tattoo magazine, VICE and The Huffington Post, among others.