Shop is open + important updates!

If you didn’t already know, the shop is open for business as of last week! We’ve got all new windows, and we also took advantage of the time we were closed to put on some fresh paint & redecorate a bit! We love the fresh space and we’re sure you will too.

We are back to business as usual, but we also have a lot of travel & events going on this summer. Many of our artists will be traveling or on vacation, so read below to find out when your favorite artist might be out of town.


BB-8 By Shannon Ritchie & Leia by Adam Hays

First off, Shannon Ritchie & Adam Hays will be in London at the Star Wars Celebration event making tattoos licensed by Lucas Film July 15th-17th. Shannon will also be at the Cardiff Tattoo & Toy Convention in Wales the following weekend, July 23rd- 24th. Adam will be back at the shop on the 21st, and Shannon will be back at the shop on the 29th.


Next up- Red Rocket will be at the Empire State Tattoo Expo next weekend, July 15th- 17th! We’ll have two artists there each day. The shop itself will still be open, but if you’d like to get tattooed this weekend, we highly recommend coming by the convention to get tattooed! We’ll be taking walk-ups, and you’ll get to see tons of cool artists, art work, and fun stuff at the convention. You can get tickets here.  Here’s who will be there each day:

Friday: Thomas Leyh & Greg Rosenfeld

Saturday: Mike Bellamy & Max Shoberg

Sunday: Mike Bellamy, Thomas Leyh & Greg Rosenfeld

Click here to find out more about the convention, or contact the shop with additional questions.

—————Traveling & Absent Artists——————

Derek Martinez is out of the shop Mon-Friday until the week of July 18th due to Jury Duty. He is taking appointments & walk-ins on the weekends. He’ll be back during the week on his normal schedule starting July 20.

Vinny Romanelli will be traveling around Italy July 13th- August 1. He will be back in  the shop on August 3rd. He’ll be booking more appointments once he’s back.

Mike Bellamy will also be traveling around Italy from July 25th-August 15th. He will be taking appointments for the end of August and beyond.

——————-Guest Artists—————————-

Past resident artist of Red Rocket; Billy Jordan will be working at the shop with Frank Phoenix August 1st, 3rd-6th, & 9th-12th.

Champion Grubbs & Tom Haubrick: September 5-7th

Fibs: October 3rd-8th

Uncle Allan: October 12th-31st.

Keep an eye out for reminders & more specific updates on these upcoming guest artists!


As always, feel free to call or email the shop with any questions! Thanks everyone!

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