Artist Spotlight: Thomas Leyh

Painting by Thomas Leyh

If you’ve ever been in our shop on a day that Thomas Leyh was present, you’ll almost definitely recall yourself hearing some strange noises and/or comments coming from a goofy dude tattooing in the corner closest to the office. Even more likely, you’ve been tattooed by him yourself-  Thomas is available for walk-ins and creates a wide variety of designs on a daily basis. Everything from a single letter, a taco, skylines, birds, maps, he’s done it all- and probably made you laugh along the way.

When he’s not crafting up specific pieces by request, he’s working on his personal art and carving out his own twist on traditional tattooing. Using the most basic components of classic tattooing- bold, clean lines and bright colors- as the framework for his art, he creates original drawings that catch the eye and are a touch out of the ordinary.


With an affinity for the weird, Thom enjoys adding a bizarre twist to many of his designs, but he also creates pleasing twists on classic motifs. Roses, ladies, animals, butterflies… images seen regularly are made fresh & unique.

Gramophone & Lady Liberty
Lucky cat & Wolf

Not to be limited by one style; He also enjoys doing mandala and mehndi-inspired work. Creating these pieces, he fashions them in a way that they work with the body as an ornate decoration, acting like a piece of permanent jewelry.

To see more of his work, you can check his page on our website here or check him out on instagram @Thomasleyh

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