Guys, this is exciting. If you have ever considered getting laser tattoo removal, listen up!

At least once a week, we have a disappointing conversation in which we must tell a customer “If you want to get that tattoo covered up, you’re going to have to get it lasered first.” We don’t enjoy telling people this! We know how disappointing it is to find out that something isn’t going to work out exactly the way you imagined. But we’re not in the business of telling people what they want to hear- we’re here to give you a quality tattoo that will look great and last.

It’s not always about cover-ups, though. Even more commonly, it’s simply about having a tattoo you don’t like anymore, or, never liked at all, and you want it gone. Well, here’s the exciting part…getting started on that laser removal can be easy thanks to a little gift from our friends at Tataway….

We’ve got this gift box containing a $300 Gift Certificate for tattoo removal, a cozy hoodie & an aftercare kit up for grabs! Just stop by the shop before the 23rd and enter the raffle for $5. (You’ll also automatically be entered if you buy a gift certificate.)

Despite it’s increasing popularity and accessibility, people still don’t seem to know much about laser removal. We all tend to assume it’s insanely expensive, but the news is good on the price front. It’s really not as expensive as you may expect it to be. Also, if you’re looking to do a cover-up, you usually don’t even need to get the tattoo completely removed. You can just get it lightened dramatically in a few sessions and slap the new, improved tattoo right over it!

For more information on laser removal & Tataway, visit their website at

For questions on the raffle or anything else, email, call or stop by the shop!

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